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How Bankruptcy Assistants Work

More and more Americans are finding themselves neck-deep in debt, and as a result, more of them are filing and declaring bankruptcy. Lawyers are finding big business in bankruptcy laws and handling bankruptcy cases. But they are not the only ones finding money in helping people recover their losses and start anew. There is a new and emerging trend of bankruptcy assistance. There are actually other individuals and companies that know of people's cases other than the court and their lawyers. They are the bankruptcy assistants.

These bankruptcy assistants work in two ways. A debtor has the option to contact a bankruptcy assistance service and have them arrange and compile necessary files and forms for him. This is especially helpful if a debtor wants to apply for bankruptcy the DIY way. However, these assistance service do not provide legal advice, they merely collect all pertinent information that a debtor need for declaring bankruptcy. This lack of legal advice seems to throw people off the service. To address this lack, these companies often affiliate themselves to lawyers. Lawyers get the full benefit of processing bankruptcy case with less stress for a small fee.

Bankruptcy lawyers are often saddled with several cases. They need to file forms, handle inquiries, and prepare petitions for different clients. They get so overworked which increases the chances of missing an important detail or a problem in the proceedings. Bankruptcy assistance companies see this as an opening to have stable clients and a wide market. Before debtors worry about their files sitting on someone else's desk other than that of their lawyers, these companies are certified by the lawyers association. Their staff also have to undergo specific training before becoming bankruptcy assistants.

How do bankruptcy assistance services function? They benefit both debtors and bankruptcy lawyers alike by reducing the hassles of preparation. They relieve lawyers of the client inquiry and updating calls. This saves lawyers the exasperation of listening to several clients asking the same nuisance questions. Debtors need not worry because they connect calls to your lawyer's line if the matter is pressing enough. Otherwise, they handle all general calls such as updates on the status of applications and lacking requirements. These phone conversations or correspondence are filed and documented for the lawyer's review. He does not miss any information except for the frantic sounds of clients's voice. Bankruptcy assistants also alert lawyers of possible problems concerning a client's application. They also conduct interviews and other means to get the necessary information pertinent to the application. Lawyers also save storage space because all files and folders about bankrupt clients are kept by the company confidentially. Aside from more storage space, lawyers also have file back-ups if the need arises.

As money is the main concern of bankrupt clients, they do not have to pay for the service. It is the lawyers who shoulder the amount because it is their prerogative to get a bankrupt assistance service. Clients are able to sit back and wait for their fresh start with constant reminders and updates from friendly bankrupt assistants.

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